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The Walking Dead : March To War Base Art

The "Blueprint Base" that ended up in TWD M2W was not a smooth production. I got called in late and more or less bootstrapped the whole thing from scratch in two weeks right before a big deadline. Built the scene, shaders, exemplar assets, client tech (everything except the camera which we had already built for the map), extended the server data definition, and editor tooling for testing the ongoing development (mostly art for the different rooms).

A lot of the look is based on Marc Apablaza's concept work, married with the SLA based sketchiness tech we'd been driving for on the map.

Allen white twd icons
Allen white base v2 3

Early paintover work on the in-engine pieces I had going. The ground plane lighting falloff and sketching is all done cheaply in the shader. The rooms have lighting baked into their verts which is activated when they are selected.

Allen white icon parts

A lot of mobile fx are about maximizing simple things and not raising the memory footprint.

Allen white plot lineup

Sketches I made for the "resource plots". These are like farms or mines in other war games.

Allen white wellnessplots 1 comp2

Sketches I made for the "wellness plots". These were places your survivors could heal or train.