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STT FX and Shader Breakdowns

Some more assorted FX and Shader tricks from Star Trek Timelines. Everything is optimized for mobile devices.

STT © Disruptor Beam Inc

Allen white badlands

This was a tricky system, there wasn't much reference from the show and what existed looked very dated.

Allen white badlands

The Badlands environment repurposed some cool effects to create a really unique system. This shot is without particles and dust.

Allen white untitled 2

The unique elements of this system boil down to the unique sky "dome" and the plasma-ish fire storm pillars that fly through the system.

Allen white nebula ball

Here's the Fire Pillar shader on a stock Unity sphere. It's pretty simple once you see it on normal geometry (like most fx tricks).

Allen white explosions breakdown

Some details about the Ship Battle FX. Almost every effect uses one of those three base textures, even the shockwaves and temporal anomalys. High end added distortion as well.

Allen white boom

A quick gif of just the particle bits. Doesn't include the burnout and dissolve ship fx that precede these in game.

Allen white gof previz2

The 'Guardian of Forever' was our packs metaphor in STT. A little obscure as it only showed up in ToS (pretty ugly) and TaS (pretty cool) but a cool bit of fan service. These are my sketches for the design.

Allen white gof bd1

As usual we had to keep the memory way down, but I was also really after keeping the draws down as well. So there are only 2 materials and all the lighting is baked in. The "lit" state is pretty muted so the particles stand out.

Allen white gof capture1

Here's a gif of the thing in action. I was responsible for the entire scene; model, shader, anim, particles... everything but UI. See more & "BEHOLD" moment fx when you score 3 rare crew to choose from here:

Allen white nebula2

Old school fur style solution for faking out grid-ed mapping of "nebula space". A cool effect we used on some backgrounds.

Allen white nebula tex

Texture data packed into one texture as usual for keeping the memory down.