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Misc Shader and VFX Shenanigans

A handful of shader and vfx bits that I've contributed to different projects over the years.

Allen white umberhulk1

Sparkly 'Confusing Gaze' umber hulk eye shader from a (just for fun project). Glow color is driven by a scrolling gradient texture mapped to a guide texture. Original Model by Michael Milano. Eyeballs, textures, Shader, Animation, Scene by myself.

An update trailer for Star Trek Timelines featuring a lot of my shader and fx work.

An isolated bit of the Discovery Warp. All Unity ParticleSystem using assets already in game.

Even more STT. Ship shader, Sun shader, Badlands shaders, FX and their shaders, tons of content...

Allen white smokeparticle example

Mobile Smoke particle. Ultra lightweight memory footprint, only uses a single tiling texture sampled twice. Combined with some offset, scrolling, and world position data you'll never see this tile. Tex can be 128 to 512 depending on your content needs.

Allen white smokeparticle5

Mobile Smoke particle in action. Material settings are modified by vertex color which is animated in the Particle System.

Allen white gratuitoustarp

This is a single 2 tri Plane, with a wacky shader making the tarps billow. The depth is all faked with offset UVs based on the tarp depth (after billowing) and view direction (a lot like how the Borg Cube shader I made worked in STT)