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The Walking Dead : March To War (3D)

3D and VFX work from TWD M2W.

This project absolutely defied reason. We had to draw 10,000+ objects every single frame to bring Washington DC to life. Mobile game aren't supposed to attempt this, but we did:

If you're wondering why everything is so low poly watch Jason's breakdown from Unite Austin 2017 (link above).

Another incredible effort by the very small Disruptor Beam Art Dept.

© Disruptor Beam, Inc. THE WALKING DEAD Copyright Robert Kirkman

Allen white shadowstrength2

Testing Shadow Strength stuff.

Allen white unity walking dex march to war box1

One of our marketing screenshots. Shows off awesome work by the whole team; Jason Booth, Greg Seegert, Jeff DePuy, Marc Apablaza, Yan Dong, and myself.

Allen white lighting strip4

Daynight Cycle keys. Utilizes our proprietary lighting system which allows an infinite number of directional lights at no additional cost. We're cool.

Allen white proppropeypropprop

An example of the incredible low vert counts used to keep every single item dynamically batching.

Allen white gratuitoustarp

This is a single 2 tri Plane, with a wacky shader making the tarps billow. The effect is of course attached to our weather system. A similar approach with Vertex Animation got used on the banners.

Allen white quarantine stream1

An example of the Prefab Stream system creating randomized quarantined buildings complete with props.

Allen white mallstuff

Some more super tiny dynamic batch-able props.

Allen white survivors prev

Even the itty bitty people have to batch... It was like Quake modding all over again.

Allen white raritycleanup

Multi-Channel Signed Distance Field UI Art. I built a modular library of UI shaders for TWD : M2W that lean heavily on MSDF tech. The result is a highly resolution safe image at a fraction of the memory.