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Mobile Platform Medical Visualization

Some low-end ready Medical Viz work showing a Cryo Probe attaching to a Hamartoma growth. All custom shaders with aggressively packed data making all these assets very lightweight (entire scene is less than 5 meg). All shaders, materials, animation, client code created by me. All the visualization state is managed by a simple modular event system. Built in Unity.

Mobile Platform Medical Visualization

Allen white hamartoma

Hamartomas are a mixture of different matter. The shader here does a lot of work to approximate a slimy outer layer over a denser core. This is all done in one opaque pass with vertex displacement pulling the bottom surface down so it has gravity.

Allen white hamartoma spin 2

The Hamartoma in motion showing off vertex displacement and grossness.

Allen white smoke respiration 3

"Dry Ice" respiration effect. This is a combination of Particle and Material tweening.

Allen white 1

Breakdown #1

Allen white 2

Breakdown #2

Allen white 3

Breakdown #3

Allen white 4

Breakdown #4

Allen white 6

Breakdown #5

Allen white 5

Breakdown #6